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Prolean Wellness offers you the most comprehensive weight loss program anywhere based on our simple approach. You can expect the caring staff at Prolean Wellness to:
  • Educate you on what you should be eating through one-on-one consultations with our nutritionists you will know what to eat and what not to eat.
  • Find your Anaerobic Threshold and teach you how to use that information in your workouts.
  • Teach you that you can implement this program in your daily life and still have a social life.
  • Give you the opportunity to change your life forever.
  • Guarantee* your results provided you do as directed on the Elite Program
  • Teach you how to exercise according to your needs and capabilities.
  • Fight to protect your muscle through the latest in diagnostic technology and nutrition science… you fought hard to build it right?
  • Evaluate your blood for hormonal factors that are holding you back from losing weight.
  • Build a complete customized weight loss program that is built just for you by experts.
  • Tell you meaningful weight loss can only come WITH exercise.
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find out what you are really made of

Prolean Wellness offers the iDXA, a highly sophisticated instrument that “sees” through your body and measures three key components of your body structure (bone mass, lean tissue mass and fatty tissue mass).

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Sandy S.

I cannot even begin to express how I feel today. I am such a different [...]


PROLEAN WELLNESS SAVED MY LIFE!   I am feeling great without pain from IBS and [...]

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